Richie Farmer's Trial Rescheduled for October

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Richie Farmer   *not a mug shot If you've been around KSR long enough, you know that we love to cover them in the most ridiculous manner possible (cough, Karen Sypher, cough). Well it looks like the next big trial that we had on our radar is being postponed. Richie Farmer's trial has been rescheduled for October 22nd. This is at the request of Farmer's team. The scandal that has brought new meaning to the phrase "Put Richie In" has been a sad but fascinating one to watch unfold. The trial was original scheduled for July 2nd, but Farmer's attorney's asked for a postponement due to scheduling conflicts and "complex issues" in the case. They originally sought to delay until early 2014, but federal prosecutors convinced the judge that delaying beyond this Fall would be the wrong move. For more information on the transgressions of Farmer while in public office as the Kentucky Agricultural Commissioner (including but not limited to giving friends with no experience jobs), check our previous KSR coverage. We'll all be curious as to what happens in this trial come October. Wait - that's less than  week after Big Blue Madness - yeah, we won't be paying too close of attention as the chase for #9 begins.

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