Rick Majerus: Naked and Obsessed
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Rick Majerus: Naked and Obsessed

Matt Jonesalmost 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
p1_majerus2.jpg On this day where we honor the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and celebrate the beginning of 93.9 The Ticket in Louisville, I didnt expect to be talking about Rick Majerus naked. But hey sometimes thinks pop up (literally) and we have to. From a new SI piece on the Coach.... Another player remembers Majerus calling him up to his hotel room on various occasions, and "he'd answer the door in his towel and I'd come in and the towel would fall off and it was like nothing had happened. He'd just be standing there buck naked. One year he had this lower-back injury, and he would have the trainer massage it with ultrasound. But instead of just lowering his pants a little bit, Majerus would pull his pants down to his ankles and sit in a chair and coach us. Sometimes he'd be like, 'Guys, bring it in, take a knee.' We'd come in, and we're just like, No way this is happening." Now we all knew Majerus was a bit eccentric. Some of you may remember when he saw Ashley Judd at a UT game and commented that now he would not have to go home and watch a movie in his hotel room....that was simply gross. But it still isnt in the ballpark of thinking about Majerus, naked, coaching his players. Say what you want about the abuse Bob Knight, Coach K or Billy Clyde may give the players.....they dont do this. Ricky Majerus.....official harshest coach in college basketball.

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