Robic subs for Cal on the SEC Coaches' Teleconference

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


robic-headband Cal is still feeling the effects of last week's dental procedure, so John Robic and his platinum locks subbed in on the SEC Coaches' Teleconference this morning. Robic said that while everyone in the nation is speculating on whether or not the Cats would make the Tournament, the topic has "never once been mentioned" during team meetings and practices. Instead, the group is focusing on winning each and every game, with the thought that they still control their own destiny: "Everything was in front of us. There’s still a lot of things in front of us and that starts with the Georgia game on Thursday." As for the loss at Arkansas, Robic said that fans aren't the only ones who are disappointed: "We're disappointed and the players are disappointed with how they performed at Arkansas. ... We have to right the ship because there's a lot to play for, and they know that." #BeatGeorgia

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