Romeo Langford raves about playing for Calipari

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Team USA leads Mali by 20 right now in the FIBA World Cup, but one player we’ve yet to see today is 2018 shooting guard Romeo Langford. Langford has been sidelined with back spasms for most of the tournament so far, but he’s still making the most of the experience, which he’s documenting in a blog on USA Today’s High School Sports site. Yesterday, Langford wrote about the trip to Egypt, his injury, and what it’s like to play for John Calipari. Here’s something that won’t surprise you: so far, he’s really enjoying playing for Cal.

Of course everyone knows that Coach (John) Calipari is our coach on the U19 team and it’s been a great experience having him as a coach at this level. He’s one of the coaches that’s been recruiting me so it’s good to have this opportunity to see how he does things.

He really harps on guys playing hard. He doesn’t even care about mistakes, he just wants your effort. So that’s cool.

Kentucky, Duke, Louisville, and Indiana are all after Langford, a New Albany native, so this experience with Cal is huge to say the least. Plus, he got to see the pyramids, which he wrote in his last blog entry was the thing he was looking forward to seeing the most. Did they live up to his expectations?

Our downtime has been pretty cool too; we went to see the pyramids two days ago and, I’ve gotta be honest, they weren’t what I expected to see.

You’d think they’d be like they look in the movies, but they’re really old and pointy. The biggest one, you can actually walk up it so we had fun doing that.

Really old and pointy is exactly what I would expect the pyramids to look like, but I’m glad Langford is having fun. Hopefully his back gets better and we can see him on the court again soon.

[The Romeo Langford Blog]

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