Romero Osby and Chris Singleton on night one of Prather Classic

Romero Osby and Chris Singleton on night one of Prather Classic

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Romero OsbyChris Singleton Romero Osby doesn't like it that his Rivals player ranking has fallen and he lost a star...and he played like it tonight. He had a very good game despite not having played for two weeks following an ankle sprain in Nashville which required xrays. He hit a few threes, made a few dunks and played an overall great game tonight in Atlanta. I had a chance to ask him if he had seen the new Rivals rankings and the first thing he said was "disrespectful". I tend to agree with him. He told me that he had a conversation with Justin Young of Rivals and got the impression that Justin did not like his game. He said "Justin doesn't think I handle the ball well. He watched my last game in Pittsburgh and we were all really tired". Romero even called his dad over to discuss it with me. In the end, they both said that it wasn't that big of a deal and that his recuitment would be just fine, but I agree with them that Osby is indeed a 5 star player. Osby also told me that UCLA and USC have contacted him and started to recruit him hard since we last spoke. I asked if going to the west coast was an issue and he said, "Not really. I have to go where I fit in the best. If it's on the west coast, then that is where I'll go. I do have plenty of great schools recruiting me in my area, though". Atlanta Celtic combo forward Chris Singleton was also vicorious in his first game of the event. Chris played well and is scheduled to play again at 2pm on Saturday in Alexander Memorial on Georgia Tech's campus. I will have an interview to post here with Chris tomorrow. It is a great advantage for schools to have these types of events on campus. Both of Georgia Tech's coaches were floating around the facilities, which is perfectly legal since their offices are nearby. UK fans should be happy that Billy Gillispie is pushing for such an event at UK. More to come throughout the week. If you have any questions for Romero or Chris, post them in the comments here on this blog. Marc Maggard Kentucky Sports Radio & Roundball Recruiting

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