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Rondo playing like 'a max player' according to Rick Carlisle

[caption id="attachment_189329" align="alignnone" width="600"]Getty Images Getty Images[/caption] Dallas Mavericks head coach, Rick Carlisle, discussed the situation with Rajon Rondo last season before the Dallas/Sacramento matchup on Monday. Carlisle praised his former point guard, but also said that he wished Rondo had never come to Dallas. If you remember correctly it was rumored that Rondo and Carlisle did not get along very well. However, Carlisle stated that the situation was just a poor fit for Rondo and the team. "Listen, we all did everything we could to make it work. It was challenging. I think we all realize that now, but when you do a deal like that, you've got to do everything possible to make it work. I learned a lot going through the year with him and trying to be creative and use some of his unique abilities," Carlisle told ESPN.com Since leaving the Mavericks last season, Rondo has been having a great season for the Sacramento Kings. Rondo is averaging 12.4 points, 11 assists and 7.3 rebounds for the Kings. Rondo has also been a triple-double machine this season, recording one in five of his first 18 games. Despite Rondo's success in Sacramento, the Kings have fallen 6-12 on this season and currently sit third last in the Western Conference. "Anyone who knows Rondo knew he was gonna bounce back with a monster year this year. George Karl has done a brilliant job and put him in position to be a max player next year," Carlisle said. The Kings only signed Rondo to a one-year deal, but with how he is playing Carlisle might be right about Rondo's next contract.  

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