Rumors on Josh Selby and Marquis Teague

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It's that time of the year again. The time when rumors will be everywhere you look. A few rumors of UK interest were fairly prevalent this week and we'll address both of them here. Josh Selby The latest rumor on Josh Selby is one that has been out there for awhile actually. However, two things occurred this week that really added fuel to this flame. The first was a posting by Rivals' "Whispers" article that said that Kansas is the rumored leader for Selby's services. While this wasn't "new" news, it did reach a wider audience and thus got the chatter started. Secondly, Maeshon Witherspoon, Selby's mother, also told Rivals in the same article that "Kansas has been the most consistent throughout the process." It has been no secret that Kansas has made Selby their #1 point guard target, making it seem that either they knew their chances with Knight weren't that good or they just felt Selby fit their needs more. You have to believe that Kansas is the leader at this point but a couple things could change this. Selby plays Thursday night at 7pm in his State semifinals and this game will have a major effect on whether the visit to Kentucky will occur. If he does make the trip this Sunday, expect Calipari to make his best pitch to Selby and also show him the incredible atmosphere in Rupp. Secondly, you can't discount the fact that Knight and Selby hold offers from Kansas, UConn and Kentucky. If Knight beats Selby to the punch and commits to Kansas, or any other school on that list, it is going to undoubtedly going to play a part in Selby's decision. This situation is highly likely since Knight should decide in the next couple weeks while Selby isn't expected to decide until later in the Spring. The other rumor going around about Selby was true initially, but now there's been a change. Scout originally broke the story that Maryland was showing interest in Selby and we later found out that Selby was going to make a visit to Maryland tonight to watch them take on Duke. Like we've always said with Selby, he is a decommit and the plan was to  explore all his options before making a decision this time around, so the visit to Maryland, initially, wasn't a surprise. However, the feeling with any of Selby's newcomers was that it would be surprising if they were to become major players. Earlier today, Selby's mother spoke with The Shiver and said that they would not be taking that visit to Maryland and that they were closing the door on Selby's recruitment, meaning that the winner for Selby would come from Kentucky, Connecticut, Kansas or Arizona. Side note: Take a look at Selby's most recent video entry for his "Welcome to My World" series. Marquis Teague Rumors also hit the message boards this week that UNC had again been in contact with Marquis Teague. If you'll remember back in the fall, this also occurred then. Evan Daniels addressed this issue via twitter, saying: "Before people go crazy about this UNC/Teague stuff. UNC called him weeks ago. When spoke w/ him this past Wednesday he didn't mention them." So, there ya go.

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