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I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and that the good times will continue through this weekend.  If you haven’t made a decision to go to Nashville, do it now. Good.  You’re going.  The Cats are facing off against lonely Christmas syndrome, as well as the much less fathomable Clemson Tiger football team, and they could use all the support you can muster. So grab your kids, your girlfriend, or some random strangers kid (please don’t do this without first consulting your lawyer – Matt Jones,) and head on down to the land of Dolly Parton, but not before you check out these KSR links.

1.) Over at ESPN, Chris Low has a fairly thorough breakdown for tomorrow nights game.  Low highlights Kentucky’s desire to win four in a row as the key factor in why he believes they will beat the disappointed Clemson Tigers.  Because hey, when’s the last time having to do something for the third time in four years didn’t get you super excited?

2.) MSNBC has a nice article about Keenan Burton giving back to his community this Christmas season.  It sure is nice to have alumni we can be proud of.  Don’t you think?

3.) The ‘experts’ at Yahoo! sports have unanimously picked a Clemson victory in the music city bowl.  All I have to say to that, is, who even uses Yahoo anymore?  Wait, I lied, I have something else to say about that.  The experts are two for six right now.  Suck one.

4.) CBS sportsline talking head, Dennis Dodd, seems to think along similar lines.  While he doesn’t out and declare Clemson the victor in tomorrows game, he spends his entire analysis talking about how UK has no answer for Spiller.  If I recall correctly, we’ve already answered Spiller once.  He couldn’t have gotten that much better, right?

5.) Finally, we go back to our buddy Low at ESPN, where he has ranked Kentucky the ninth best SEC team of the past five years.  Just below South Carolina, and just above Ole Miss, seems about right to me.  But hey, 9 out of 12 isn’t doormat anymore, is it?  Brooks for President.

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