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Saturday Recruiting Information

by:Matt Jones10/14/06
Great night last night in Rupp Arena as Kentucky put on quite a show for the threesome of Patrick Patterson, Jai Lucas and AJ Stewart. There were lots of positive signs for those of us who are trying to read the tea leaves. The crowd chanted the name of all three players during the evening, and Lucas even acknowleged the crowd, standing up to wave to the onlookers. As Patrick Patterson's name was chanted, John Lucas stood up and continued in the chant, clapping his hands while the Patterson family laughed and clapped. And no one looked happier during the festivities than AJ Stewart who was dancing during the player introductions and looked absolutely mesmerized by the whole affair. One more thing about last night that I didnt post. A REALLY COOL thing that UK did was have Coach David Hobbs bring the players down the center aisle so that the entire crowd could see them. The crowd gave them the necessary attention and you could see the kids loved it. Good, smart move by the staff. Now was there news....well the three recruits left with Bobby Perry and on the way out the door, I happened to run into the group. Lucas saw me from afar, waved and said, "that was some show!" Very good sign. Supposedly the recruits will be heading to Keeneland this afternoon, after working out with the team this morning. No idea what they are doing tonight, but my assumption is that they are going out with some of the members of the team on the town. Now for a little tidbit. Last night AJ Stewart told at least two people that he was coming to Lexington and that he had already made his decision. Now one of those people was not me, so I always take everything with a grain of salt when I dont hear it with my own two ears......but this conforms with everything that we have heard so far and what AJ has told me in recent weeks. Check in later today for some more news as it comes in....

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