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chandler I am going to admit something that may surprise you, but has become the case. I hate recruiting. I really do. I dont like interviewing high school kids, trying to read the tea leaves in public statements when we all know that the decisions are made behind the scenes or dealing with the internet know-it-alls who pop out of the woodwork during this three week time every year. Part of why I dislike it is that I focused on it during some of the more bizarre recruiting times we will ever see, the Billy Clyde era and one can only cover the Konner Tucker Band so many times without just shaking your head. So while I dont like recruiting, I do recognize that (a) some fans do and (b) getting players is exciting. Today will be one of those latter days. --- Doron Lamb becomes a Cat today, or at least that is the conventional wisdom, as he announces his choice during the Jordan Classic game at 8 pm on ESPN2. We will do a LIVE BLOG beginning at 7:45, that because it is on Saturday night of Louisville Thunder day may be a bit more exciting than usual. Come by and say hello. --- Evan Daniels reported this morning that UL 5 star recruit Michael Chandler has decommitted from the Cards, a big blow to what was set out to be a special 2011 class for the Dirty Birds. Chandler wants to be recruited again by other schools and leaves open the possibility of still being a Card. Maybe. But if CJ Leslie commits to NC State again, it will be the first time I can ever remember seeing a kid decommit and then go back to the original school. Tough break for Rick and his boys. --- Random emails flew out today suggesting that this would make a difference in another recruitment, but Daniels told me this morning that this has no effect on the Marquis Teague recruitment, one way or the other. Teague will pick on Thursday and Daniels still says the slight leader is Louisville. Cal has five days to make it happen. --- If you didnt read this article on Josh Selby in the NY Times, take a second and do it. It showcases just what a handful Selby really is and may give some insight as to why there have always been two recruits I did not want Kentucky to get....Selby and the other one I will tell you after he makes his choice. It is interesting that he is driving a Mercedes while in high school....hope the compliance folks in Lawrence have done their research. --- John Calipari a message....just get Terrence Jones....thats all we ask. --- Calipari will visit Marcus Thornton out of Georgia on Wednesday. More later in the is so gorgeous, I cant just blog about it (thats what she said).

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