Scenes from the Celebration on State Street after the Win
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Scenes from the Celebration on State Street after the Win

Chris Tomlinover 6 years


Article written by:Chris TomlinChris Tomlin
[caption width="600" align="alignnone"] @EvanKnowles42_[/caption] Whew! How about that? Matt, Drew & Tyler will be by soon, no doubt, to tell you how things were going in Cleveland as bits of net rained down upon them from above, but let's check out the scene from State Street in Lexington, shall we? Here comes the crowd (via @cheyenemiller19): IMG_4951 And they just kept rolling in (via @alekm): IMG_4957 @Rachel _F24 and her crew are in the thick of things: IMG_4952 While our own Matt Elam (@fballlslife69) found a perch above the fray: IMG_4953   Students begin setting fire to personal items, creating more demand for premium merchandise from the KSR Store (via @CheyeneMiller19): CBPCIfkWYAAHT1K-1.jpg-large While @JStaab2014 is staying on the good side of the law with his new best friend: IMG_4955 Stay safe out there, everyone. Celebrate responsibly. Sitting on a couch is a terrible place to be right now, it looks like. And have a great time, BBN. We certainly earned it tonight.      

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