Scouting report for 4-star QB Danny Clark

Scouting report for 4-star QB Danny Clark

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[caption id="attachment_208930" align="aligncenter" width="643"]@DClarkQB @DClarkQB[/caption] Earlier today, 4-star QB and former OSU commit Danny Clark announced he would be making his college decision next Saturday, October 22nd. As of now, it would take something monumental for Kentucky to NOT end up as the choice, as he is completely in love with everything about UK. He has only visited one school since his de-commitment, has raved non-stop about the Wildcats since his visit to Lexington last Saturday, and even decided UK co-offensive coordinator Darin Hinshaw would be an ideal candidate to sit front row at his wedding. But what should we expect out of the four-star quarterback, should he commit to UK next weekend?


Arm Strength According to those that have been evaluating him for years, Clark has one of the best arms in the 2017 recruiting class, as he has an uncanny ability to launch the ball down the field. He has an absolute cannon for an arm, and with some speed and separation coming from his outside receivers, UK's offense would have the potential for some ridiculous plays down the field. This is far and away the best attribute Danny Clark brings to the table. Quick release Though UK's offensive line has shown great improvement as of late, Kentucky's quarterbacks have had little time to work with in the pocket in recent years. Clark makes some quick decisions, and with that, has an extremely impressive release on his throws. It may take some time, and errant throws may come in the early part of his career, but Clark certainly has the ability to get the ball out of his hands quickly, especially when the pressure comes. Mobility Though he's listed as a pro-style QB, Clark has the ability to rush outside the hash marks and pick up the first down should the pocket collapse. He's not going to cause many ooh's and ahh's from his speed, but he's definitely athletic enough to move the chains when need-be. Size At 6'4, 225 lbs., Clark has an impressive frame to put on a good bit of weight in UK's strength and conditioning program, and has the durability to take a hit or two against some elite SEC opponents (though it'd be awesome if he didn't). Recruiting factor Though this doesn't have much to do with Clark's on-field production, one thing that many have raved about him in his time as a former Ohio State commit is that he relentlessly recruited his peers to follow him wherever he went, similar to Drew Barker back in 2014. Should Clark choose Kentucky, you won't have to worry about him doing a bit of the leg work to bring some top-level talent to Lexington.


Accuracy Though his arm strength is extremely impressive, his accuracy is still considered to be a work in progress. Under Darin Hinshaw, this will certainly improve in time, but it's something to keep a close eye on in the early part of his college career. He has a great drive and passion to learn, so this may be fixed sooner rather than later, which would certainly help his progress as an SEC quarterback. There will be a learning curve, but there's a great potential for improvement here. Decision making This kind of goes hand-in-hand with his accuracy issues, but sometimes he locks in on receivers and forces throws, which definitely needs to be worked on before taking major control of the offense. Against SEC opponents, these reads will be caught on immediately, and a surplus of picks will come as a result. I'm not sure of his status as an early-enrollee candidate, but it would be great to get him on campus early and work on this before summer sessions begin.

Overall analysis:

There are a few kinks to work out in his game, but the potential is certainly there for Danny Clark to become a legit quarterback for Kentucky down the road. He already has the arm strength, and with Darin Hinshaw working hands-on with his accuracy, along with his typical work of mechanics, throwing motion, footwork, etc., he can be an absolute stud. With Mac Jones' odd recruitment situation, it will be a massive relief to not only add a quarterback to the 2017 recruiting class, but a mighty impressive one at that. Watch him work here: Come on down, Danny Clark.   On that note, enough about football. Enjoy Big Blue Madness.   @JackPilgrimKSR

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