SEC Slant: NSD Edition

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With the ink beginning to dry from National Signing Day--or as it is more commonly known outside of the South, Wednesday--not much has changed at the top as the fast get faster and The Ohio State gets inexplicably slower. Another day another talent-hoarding haul by the SEC, with all but Vandy coming in with top 30 classes* and 49 of ESPN's Top 150 pledging allegiance to the Southeastern football fracas. So don't expect that reserved seat in the title game to leave ol' SEC's chunky wallet anytime soon. * ratings Alabama (# of signees: 27) Anchored by RB Trent Richardson and LB Nico Johnson, both regarded as top 1-2 at their respective positions, yet another predictably stacked Saban production. other notables: Rod Woodson, DB, Olive Branch, MS--no relation to the NFL HOFer, so a successful roll of the dice by his parents. Well played. Arkansas (32) Petrino needed a big class and he got one, and managed to keep the state's best player, CB Darius Winston, at home. other notables: Colton Nash, DL, Sulphur Springs, TX--Textbook Texas football name, sounds mighty familiar round these parts. Terrell Williams, LB, Tulsa, OK: tomato... Turell Williams, RB, West Helena, AR: tomato. Auburn (27) An early victory for the maligned Chizik and crew, hanging on to a top 15 class headlined by two top JUCO's: CB Demond Washington and LB Eltoro Freeman, who just has to have a bull tatted on his arm or will otherwise be a great disappointment to all. other notables: Brandon Jacobs, RB, Lilburn, GA--current Giants bruiser and namesake couldn't get off the bench during his brief stint in the Plains, so they just cloned a new one. Florida (16) This was merely a "patch-up" class for the already loaded Gators, who went out and hand-picked 6 of the nation's top 100, mostly to ensure Urban Meyer never craps without a wiper on hand. Georgia (18) Stacked across the board with 6 top 100's...Richt has always played his freshmen, and it's easy to see why. notables: Rantavious Wooten, WR, Belle Glade, FL--Apparently adjectives are the new proper nouns. Kentucky (29) Three bowl wins in a row typically yields a good harvest, and this class is certainly ripe. Two top 25 QB's and a wealth of in-state talent comprise this top 30 class. Along with GA, SC, and LA, this staff is establishing itself in the talent-saturated land of TX quite nicely. other notables: Mister Cobble, DL, Louisville, KY: Ton of potential, still would've preferred this guy... Qua Huzzie, LB, LaGrange, GA: As if the name weren't captivating enough, Huzzie leaves his storied high school as the all-time leader in tackles and broken hearts. Bad-ace. I'd like to see LaGrange coach Steve Pardue's name adorn the ring of honor in the near future. LSU (25) nabbed the nation's top rated safety (Craig Loston), receiver (Rueben Randle), and the south's most coveted QB (Russell Shepard). other notables: Barkevious Mingo, LB, West Monroe, LA Ole Miss (37) Picking right up where Orgeron left off, and mixing in a little coaching, H-Nutt netted an astounding, and slightly absurd, 37 recruits. Top 5 WR Pat Patterson is the jewel of the class...imagine that. other notables: Ja-Mes Logan, WR, Houston, TX--will eventually shorten to J-im. Willie Ferrell, LB, Tallahassee, FL--came as a 'package deal' with RB Jon'See Riley. Miss St (27) New coach Dan Mullen is relying heavily on in-state talent and the JUCO ranks to transform Croom Ball into Meyer Ball as quickly as possible. notables: Pernell McPhee, DL, Pahookee, FL--he's gooooood. South Carolina (29) Ol Ball Coach needed this top 15 class to inject a little hope into what has been an otherwise disappointing stint in Columbia. No stud QB's, but a tremendously well balanced, athletic class. notables: Justice Cunningham, TE, Pageland, SC Rokevious Watkins, OL, Fairburn, GA Tennessee (19) Far from the usual UT round-up of blue-chips, the Kiffin's secured some solid defensive talent for Old Man Monte to work with. notables: JerQuari Schofield, OL, Aiken, SC Nu'Keese Richardson, WR, Pahokee, FL Vanderbilt (17) As only a school with "admission requirements" can do, Vandy brings down the rest of the league with a top 75 pile of scrap. notables: Justin Cabbagestalk, OL, Tampa, FL Scout's complete Team Rankings Now, everyone fill out their National Signing Day Mad Lib! I'll kick things off...
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Letter From Camp
Dear Mister Cobble,
I am having a(n) Ratavious time at camp. The counselour is Barkevious and the food is Rokevious. I met Qua Huzzie and we became spontaneous friends. Unfortunately, Qua Huzzie is Martavius and I trapped my knee so we couldn`t go blogging like everybody else. I need more coaches and a super soaker sharpener, so please enigmatically negotiate more when you strut back.
Your Blue-chipper,

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