SEC Slant: week 11

SEC Slant: week 11

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And we're all set: Lace up the high-tops! Wait, high tops? Florida vs. Bama SEC Championship Game Atlanta Saturday, Dec. 6th Winner: National Championship Game, blunts all around Loser: Sugar Bowl, blunts all around UGA 42 Kentucky 38 As much as I absolutely abhor the cliched sports axiom, "If you'da told me ______, I'da _____", it fits here like the cruelist of ad-libs. Yes, if you'da told me before the game Kentucky would score 38, I'da bet a teste of your choice that was the winning score. If you'da told me before the game Kentucky would be without Trevard Lindley and still have the lead in the 4th quarter, I'da called you a liar. And if you'da told me immediately afterwards that Kentucky played hard but came up just short, I'da punched you in the mouth. So, again, I apologize for that sweetie. Florida 42 Vandy 14 This one escalated quickly. The Gators are everyone's National Champ du'jour, because let's face it, speed is a helluva drug. Tebow and Co. are absolutely dialing it up, but it's the improvement from the young, athletic defense that's really spearheaded this path of destruction. Meanwhile, Urban Meyer is looking at himself in the mirror right now, and oh, does he like what he's seein. Wyoming 13 Volz 7 We knew the Vols would quit, ok, we knew the Vols had quit, but this is epic level meltdown stuff here. The Vols single-handedly dropped the SEC below the Big 12 with this loss, nearly sullied a coach's regal legacy, and yes, will still probably beat Kentucky. Bama 27 LSU 21 (OT) With the parade of high octane offenses and Heisman candidates littering the BCS Rankings, it's almost as if Bama is the forgotten son amongst the college football prognosticators. The "Kevin!", if you will, and I think you'd better. Saban's got you right where he wants you, because he gets paid $5-$20 mill a year to do so and because he has not smiled nor slept since 1987. I'm pretty sure if he had a week to prepare, Osama Bin Laden would be swooped up in a frenzied weakside corner blitz and justice would be served in the form of 4th and 16 from the Taliban 12 yard line. So score away, sexy offenses, score away. Just remember, Kevin! is currently bushhoggin' this: Cocks 34 Arkansas 21 Auburn 37 Tee Martin 20 Studs: QB Tim Tebow, Florida: 5 TD's (3 passing, 2 rushing) 3 FG's, 6 tackles (3 TFL), 2 healed cripples. S Rashad Johnson, Bama: 3 INT's (1 TD, 1 game sealer) WR Julio Jones, Bama: 7 catches for 128 yds QB Matthew Stafford, UGA: 17-27 for 376 yds, 3 TDs and millions of shattered dreams. QB Randall Cobb, UK: 82 yds rushing and 3 TDs, 12-20 passing for 105 yds This Week: Vandy @ Kentucky Vandy's track to the post-season is once again hindered with the Big Blue hurdle, and fans are nauseous at the thought of back-to-back seasons of squandering 5-0 starts. Expect all 23 of them to make the trip under the Commonwealth Lights and ESPN2 camera on a wire thingy. QB Chris Nickson gets the start after relinquishing his job to McKenzi Adams (I don't care if it's what your parents decided, add a damn "e" you fruit). So expect Vandy to put the ball in the air all of 9-12 times. Seriously. UGA @ Auburn The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry is again just one of the deep south's meaningless rivalries this year. Miss St. @ Bama Croom Saban once, shame on you... Cocks @ Florida Ball Coach must feel like Pete Best every time he returns to the Swamp. This will be close for 2.5 quarters and no more. La-Monroe @ Ole Miss T-roy @ LSU Pa'er Rankins: 1. Bama 2. Florida 3. UGA 4. LSU 5. Cocks 6. Cats 7. Ole Miss 8. Vandy 9. Arkansas 10. Auburn 11. Tennessee 12. Miss St

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