SEC Tournament Round 1: Alabama

John Dubyaover 14 years


Aritcle written by:John DubyaJohn Dubya
alabama3_v_p.jpg "so rosin up that bow for faded love and let's all dance...and wear Asics" I won't even begin to summarize the tumultuous 2006-07 Kentucky basketball campaign; however, today marks the beginning of new season: the post season, whose breath can either be one of resuscitation, or coffee. Indeed, stellar performance during both Conference and NCAA Tournaments can work wonders in alieviating a team's regular season dismay. Kentucky's shot at redemption begins in earnest (really, in an hour) today, as Kentucky meets the Crimson Tide of Alabama. Two teams, both with lofty expectations prior to the season, both with disapointing results. Alabama's 72-61 triumph over Kentucky last month in Tuscaloosa bequeathed unto us the now infamous confession by Randolph Morris that his "head was not in the game." Hopefully he's found said head, and who knows, maybe he even brought it with him to Atlanta (his home is nearby, so even if he forgot it maybe he still has his old high school one laying around somewhere). This is the post season, the spotlight is shining and I believe Morris will too. Alabama's studly duo of Steele and Davidson are banged up, and although the Tide have to win to salvage any shot at the Dance, I don't think they're up for it. Cats take this one by 10. You?

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