SEC West: Worst Collection of Teams Ever?

Bryan the Internover 10 years


Aritcle written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
This is what SEC West basketball is. Say what you want about Big East and Big 10 football, or Pac-10 basketball, SEC fans will have to suffer through this statement all season: THE SEC WEST IS THE WORST COLLECTION OF BCS BASKETBALL OR FOOTBALL TEAMS IN HISTORY.  Honestly, I have not even researched this fact.  It is so obvious, there is no need to research that fact.  It is an embarrassment that a conference has half of its teams make up a division that will not only not have a team make the NCAA Tournament, probably doesn't have a team that could beat the UCONN women.  The division's ONLY hope for redemption will come in Oxford at Ole Miss.  Currently, the Rebels are sitting with an RPI of 60.  Which would not get them in the tournament, but does give them the chance with a 11 or 12 win conference season to be in the discussion.  And with some of the garbage teams in the West, and the fact that Ole Miss gets to play each of them twice this season, maybe just maybe they could make a run.  But don't let me hold them up as some "legitimate" basketball team.  Their 3 losses this season have come to Dayton, Miami (FL), and Colorado State.  They have beaten 1 BCS team this year, and that was Penn St, holders of an RPI of 74.  Their strength of schedule currently sits at 105. But that SOS is amazingly 122 spots better than ANY OTHER SEC WEST team.  So, not only have the West members been terrible this season, they have been terrible against terrible competition. ARKANSAS (10-2) Losses: UAB, Texas A&M Best Win: Seton Hall (RPI: 119) ALABAMA (7-6) Losses: Seton Hall, Iowa, St. Peters, Purdue, Providence, Oklahoma State Best Win: Lipscomb (RPI: 100) LSU (8-6) Losses: Nicholls State, Memphis, Coastal Carolina, Wichita State, North Texas, Rice Best Win: Mcneese State (RPI: 140) MISSISSIPPI STATE (8-6) Losses: Florida Atlantic, E. Tennessee State, Virginia Tech, Washington State, Hawaii, St. Mary's Best Win: Nicholls State (RPI: 81) AUBURN (5-7) Losses: UNC Asheville, Samford, Campbell, Jacksonville, Rutgers, South Florida, Presbyterian Best Win: Middle Tennessee State (RPI: 196) Those 5 teams above have combined for ONE WIN over a team currently in RPI Top 100.  And that win was against Nicholls State.  Those 5 teams above have combined for a record of 38-27 against an average strength of schedule of 285.  TWO HUNDERED EIGHTY FIVE!!!!!! Kentucky SHOULD NOT lose a single game to the SEC West this season, and if they do, serious hell should be raised.  I am sure the good folks of Pipa Passas would oblidge.  But I will go so far to say that no SEC West team should get within 10 points of the Cats this season.  Folks, not much excuse for the SEC hate this season.  The West, at least, has earned it.

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