Security tape shows Florida football players firing BB guns into dorm

Drew Franklinabout 5 years


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stupid There's dumb and then there's firing BB guns on a college campus dumb. In this day and age, you shouldn't toy around with anything resembling a gun on campus -- something some of Kentucky's own football players learned the hard way just a few years ago, when Drew Barker, Boom Williams, Dorian Baker and Tymere Dubose were shooting airsoft guns. Now, two Florida football players are in hot water for shooting BB guns into a residential hall, which resulted in three shattered windows and their arrest. Tyrie Cleveland and Rick Wells were arrested two weeks ago and face felony charges of criminal mischief and firing into an occupied dwelling. Surveillance video was obtained and released this week, showing Cleveland, who is expected to contribute at wide receiver this season, and Wells, shooting at someone through a glass door. florida-guns You can see the full video here. The guys are lucky they weren't caught in the act by police because those BB guns could easily be mistaken for real weapons, and that scenario could've gotten ugly. They currently await punishment from the law and head coach Jim McElwain, who released a statement saying, "This is not behavior that we expect and as I often talk about their will be consequences for their actions." Gotta suspend them for that Kentucky game in Week 2, for sure.

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