Setting the Bar High, Anthony Davis Style

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Davis daydreaming about big-time achievements. Rashawn Franklin brought you up to speed yesterday with this NYT Off The Dribble Interview with Anthony Davis, which included another interesting tidbit from Anthony that we didn't get to discuss:
Q.What do you want to accomplish in your first season in the N.B.A.? A.Win rookie of the year. Make first-team all-rookie, first-team all-defense and defensive player of the year.
Davis has come out of the gate immediately swinging, which should surprise absolutely no one. If there is anything we can be sure about with Anthony Davis, it's that he is not afraid to back down from anyone and that he is always prepared to rise to the occassion when called upon. Luckily, he is a self-driven player that forces himself into meeting high expectations by setting the bar high. His goals in mind for his first year are very big, but also very achievable for a player of his caliber. Will he accomplish these three goals? Will he surpass them? Is he asking too much of himself? These are all legitimate questions, but a goal-orientated approach to any career is helpful, even if it is in professional sports. I feel that winning Rookie of the Year is always achievable and semi-expected of the No. 1 draft pick, but guys like Damian Lillard and MKG will be fighting for that honor as well. Making the All-Rookie team is going to be expected for Davis. The big question is whether Davis can bulk up and become a true NBA big-man 'stopper'. Davis is quick enough for a big that he can guard perimeter-playing forwards, but there is a good chance that big-bodied post players will move Anthony around in the post. My brief research shows that no rookie has ever won NBA Defensive Player of the Year. However, last year's winner, Tyson Chandler, could be similar enough in defensive presence to make it seem possible that Anthony Davis could win the award. It will be no easy task. What do you think? Can Davis do it? He has yet to fall short of any goal he or the fanbase has put on him.  

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