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John Dubyaalmost 14 years


Article written by:John DubyaJohn Dubya Seriously college football, what is wrong with you? You've been on a 3 month vacation from reality and reason, and here we are sifting through the shards of a season gone mad with more questions than we started with. Yes, it's been kinda cool, sometimes funny, and highly entertaining, but now what are we supposed to do? All West Virginia had to do was win by at least one of those 28.5 points they were favored by, and the complete and utter BCS mutiny would've at least been slighty subsided. But it was not to be. Not this season, oh no. Not in a season which saw the #2 team lose seven times. Not in a season that saw the likes of Kansas, Mizzou, South Florida, and yes, Kentucky all camp in the top 10. I've never been a huge playoff disciple, the top 2 or 3 teams are usually coherent by this point, but the money making band-aid that is the BCS is no match for this current clusterf*&%. Congrats, Ohio State. Probably couped up in a Columbus basement last night, smoking stogies, dealing euchre and jamming to OAR, you avoided the parity plague and now get a shot at BCS redemption. Your opponent? Georgia (10-2) Well, going purely by the rankings, the Dawgs have reason to hope. Ranked 4th in the BCS last week and winners of their last six, UGA is certainly playing as well as anyone in the country. But as we've learned over the years, if you can't win your conference, or in this case, your division, you're not getting a shot at the title. LSU (11-2) Overrated? Yes. The Tigers became the first team since I can remember to lose as the #1 team twice in the same season. There's no denying the talent, but their mental lapses and penchant for mailing it in should not go unpunished. And yet, they're champions of the most competitive conference in the nation and boast a 6-1 record versus ranked opponents this season. Kansas (11-1) Puh-lease. Sure, they only have one loss, but again, they didn't even win their conference division, and their schedule was only slightly more challenging than Ohio State's. USC (10-2) Lost to Stanford. End o' story. Enjoy the Rose Bowl. Oklahoma (11-2) Soundly beating the #1 team to win the conference lends plenty of credence to the Sooners. But does that speak less of Mizzou or more of OU? Virginia Tech (11-2) Hot, hot, hot. The Hokies are playing some lights out football these days, and they're conference champs. It's just that the ACC was easily the weakest BCS conference this year, and although it came early in the season, it's impossible to put them ahead of LSU after that six-touchdown pasting in Baton Rouge. Hawaii (12-0) The only team to handle they bitness week in/week out, but as Shooter McGavin might say, "this is football...go back to your tiki-huts." Gimmicky and lightly tested, Hawaii certainly deserves a shot at a BCS Bowl, but not the biggun. If I were a bettin man, and after last night I may never be again, I'd put it on LSU. But if we've learned anything over the past 3 months, it's that we haven't learned anything and the BCS powers that be might as well shoot tequila, put on a blindfold, spin around 12 times and throw a dart. There's no need to get logical now. Playoffs!? BCS Bowl Announcement: 5pm, FOX

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