Short and Insufficient Profile: Cartier Rice

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During the slow and insipid summer of 2008, former KSR wordsmith Evan Hilbert profiled each and every member of the University of Kentucky football team. Though his knowledge was sparse and his research was far from thorough, Evan's short and insufficient player profiles were an integral part of Kentucky's success that season. UK finished with seven wins, including the opener at Louisville and a 25-19 victory in the Liberty Bowl. Kentucky hasn't won a bowl game since. Let's bring back that magic... -------------------------- #35 CARTIER RICE Vitals Height: 5'10'' Weight: 187 lbs. Class: Senior Experience: 3L Position: Cornerback Hometown: Duncan, SC High School: Byrnes Nickname "Yay" or "Yayo" It is a play off his first name, pronounced "CAR-tee-AY." It's not a reference to cocaine. Something You Didn't Know About Him Yay likes to draw. Something We Made Up About Him Judd Apatow paid him $3,500 to do all of young Jonah Hill's childhood drawings in Superbad. You know the ones. Items of Legitimate Interest Some of you may remember Cartier as the one who made the big defensive play in the end zone to seal the win over South Carolina in 2010. The Gamecocks were driving and in position to score when he deflected a Stephen Garcia pass out of the arms of the receiver and into the hands of Anthony Mosley for the interception. Watch it here. This is Rice's first season as a full-time starter for the Cats. He has one prior start at cornerback, against Florida last season. Unfair NFL Comparison Trevard Lindley, Philadelphia Eagles Outlook for 2012 Martavius Neloms will have the assignment of lining up across from opposing teams' top receiver in man coverage, but Kentucky will also need a big season from Cartier Rice if the Cats are going to win any games. The secondary is looking thin after losing Marcus Caffey and now Glenn Faulker, so UK's defensive backs have even more pressure on their shoulders to perform.

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