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Skip to my Lou (isville)

by:Matt Jones08/08/06
Ok, there's no one worse than Skip Bayless.....lets get that right out there to begin with. When one looks up the entry for obnoxious, self-absorbed, cranial-banging sportswriter in the dictionary (and it would have to be quite a dictionary to have that entry), Skip Bayless and that mug of his would be front and center. For whatever reason, ESPN has decided recently that he should be a greater part of the network, likely because the increased visibility of Jay Mariotti and Stephen A Smith had not ratched up the annoyance factor enough in the last couple of years. Thus he has been given a platform outside of Dallas to yell like a lunatic, and that he has done. Today he continued his path by making a prediction that Louisville would win the BCS National Championship. Of course in Kentucky this has made lots of noise, not surprisingly. Louisville fans are pleased, Kentucky fans outraged. Regardless of the merits of this opinion (and I have my thoughts), it does say something about Louisville that they even could be considered for this statement. I dont think anyone outside of Beetlejuice from Howard Stern would put the Cats in that sentence. Having said that, Skip's comment is absurd. Louisville, while a much better team than we Kentucky fans like to admit, is not of national championship caliber. Even if they were to make the national championship game, I cant envision them beating any opponent they would see there, and thus winning the game to me is way too farfetched. BUT it does not go beyond the pale of possibility that they could contend to get there. Or let me rephrase that. Since the BCS could provide anything in the world, I will say it is not beyond the pale of possibility that the Ville could go undefeated. Why? Once again my friends, one word....schedule. Things are stacking up well for the men in red with only three true tests. Home to Miami and West Virginia and on the road to some team that will give them a run for their money (I will say Pitt or Kansas St). Other games have potential (Rutgers, USF), but it is likely that the Cards really only have three games to worry about. So think about it. The Cards have two of the best position players in the country in Michael Bush and Brian Brohm. If not on the same team, one could even contend for the Heisman. They play in the Big East and have their toughest games at home. They have the potential to be the one "surprise" team that comes out every year and does better than expected (for a great analysis on this type of thing check out Sunday Morning Quarterback today. A great blog with a great post) and shocks the world by making a BCS run. Look, I am not a Cards fan. And last year they did disappoint. But they are loaded at the skill positions and have a chance, and I did say a chance, to make some national noise. Do I think they will do it? No....I think they lose at home to Miami and then get upset on the road (lets say Kansas St). But I do think they win the Big East (beating West Virginia at home) and go to the BCS, likely getting fortunate and drawing the non-power conference (TCU?) in the newly created 5th BCS bowl and finishing 11-2. There you go. Thats it. And yous till are awful Skip Bayless.....

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