Skyy Clark preparing academically for a potential reclassification to 2021
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Skyy Clark preparing academically for a potential reclassification to 2021

Jack Pilgrimover 1 year


Article written by:Jack PilgrimJack Pilgrim
Skyy Clark
<small>Photo: USA Basketball</small>
[caption id="attachment_305444" align="alignnone" width="800"] Photo: USA Basketball[/caption] One of the top prospects in the class of 2022 is strongly considering a reclassification to 2021. Five-star guard Skyy Clark, who received an offer from Kentucky this week, tells KSR that he is planning on taking his junior and senior classes at the same time this coming year to prepare for a potential jump. "The next step is, I think there are two or three colleges that I haven’t gotten offers from yet, but the next step is setting up visits," Clark told KSR. "You all are hearing this first, but I’m planning on taking all of my junior and senior year classes this coming year just in case I do reclass up so I’ll be ready. I’m definitely considering it now. Nothing is set in stone yet, but it’s definitely an option." In terms of a timeline, Clark told KSR that he will likely announce a reclass decision and choose a college before the year is over. "Probably around November or December, before the first semester ends," the five-star guard said. "I haven’t thought much yet about which will come first, but I feel like I’ll announce my reclass decision first before picking a college." While he would like to take his visits before making a decision, the major Kentucky target understands there is a chance he won't be allowed to physically make it on college campuses due to the coronavirus. If so, he'd likely take more virtual visits with schools to see if he's comfortable enough to commit. "I would definitely try to set up virtual visits. I would definitely do more Zoom calls with coaches and stuff," Clark told KSR. "It may set it back, but it may not, as well. It depends on if I get enough info about the college and I get a better feel for the coaches and the fans and stuff like that." Clark said all of the schools recruiting him are aware of the potential reclass, with coaches involved - including Kentucky - telling him they'd take him in either 2021 or 2022. "Yeah, I told most of the college coaches that I’m definitely considering reclassing up," he said. "I feel like it just depends on my summer development. Coach Jamal [Richardson] and Coach Mark Edwards, who I’ve been with working with this week, I feel like they’re going to take my game to an even higher level than I’ve been at. I feel like I’m going to be ten times better than I am right now by the time the season comes." Physically, he feels ready to make the jump to 2021, but wants to see how his play develops in the coming months before making a final decision. "I feel like my body is getting to the point where it’s built enough, I’m physical enough to play at that level," Clark told KSR. "... So yeah, it just depends on how I feel going into the season, how my game goes, stuff like that."

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