So, Florida, What Have You Been Doing?

Aaron Flenerover 8 years


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florida I don't want to talk about the Georgia game. It sucked. Let's talk about our only hope to make the tournament. Beating Florida. We last saw the Gators in Gainesville on a day that saw us lose not only the game, but also our best player and rapper Nerlens Noel to a season ending ACL injury.  I'll never forget the silence that fell over Corner Pub in Nashville as the flat topped one lay on the ground writhing in pain. It was like a big party was going on, 2 dorks walked in, and the music came to a screeching halt. It goes without saying that moment will be the worst of what we at Kentucky consider to be a down year. As is sometimes the case during conference season, we face the same team more than once. Teams used to face each team in their respective divisions twice, but now that divisions have been wiped out the schedule varies. When we at "Know Your Enemy" find that a team has already been "known," (so to speak) we like to ask them what they have been up to since the last time we played them. Today we ask "So, Florida, what have you been doing?" *Auburn (away)- WIN. Florida joined the "We Killed Auburn" club. This club has no membership capacity. Depsite Auburn running 11 guys at them, Florida placed 4 guys in double figures and won the game 83-52. *Missouri (away)- LOSS. Florida led by 13 in this game but eventually fell victim to poor shooting, going 10-33 from three point range. This included a 7-26 combined effort from Erik Murphy, Kenny Boynton, and Mike Rosario. The 63-60 loss was the Gators 2nd conference road loss of the season. *Arkansas (home)- WIN. As you know, Arkansas sucks away from home. This day was no different as Florida placed four guys in double figures and got 14 points off the nech in a dominating 71-54 win over the Razorbacks. *Tennessee (away) LOSS. Once again Florida's three point trio of Murphy, Boynton, and Rosario struggled in this 64-58 loss. They went a combined 4-16 from three point range. When Florida has lost this season they have put up horrible statistics from downtown. This is not to take away from Tennessee's performance and a monster 27 point game from Jordan McCrae. *Alabama (home)- WIN. This game was close for a long time due to another bad shooting game from Florida (2-13 on 3's) and even saw Alabama lead by at least six at one point in the second half. Florida regained control late though and went on to win 64-52. *Vandy (home)- WIN. In a 66-40 game that was watched by only friends and families of these teams, Vandy shot a blistering 4-24 from three point land and Florida's Braxton Ogbueze achieved the elusive 2 trillion. As you can see, things haven't been all edible arrangements for the Gators since our last meeting. They've gone 4-2 witht heir best win probably being their 64-52 win at home over Alabama. Even after our loss at Georgia last night, we can still get the 2 seed in the SEC tournament with a win tomorrow. While the Gators have had a good year, any struggles they've had have come on the road. On the road is where they find themselves tomorrow. Rupp Arena, to be exact. A win tomorrow for the Cats and a win in the first round of the SEC gets them into the NCAA Tournament.  If you're going to the game be loud and make it as uncomfortable as you can for the Gators. Like showering with your uncle uncomfortable. Make them not want to be there. Here's to finishing strong. Let's go CATS! @AFlenerKSR

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