Solomon Alabi Breaking News!, as of September 28th.



Article written by:MosKnows
Well, it looks like friend of KSR and, less importantly, the #4 Center in the 2007 class is officially off the board after having committed to Leonard Hamilton and Florida $tate almost two months ago. You're probably asking, "Mosley, why are you so awesome, and why did you decide to re-break this story you originally saw on Rivals a good two months after it was originally reported?" Well, aside from the fame that this will obviously bring me, it validates what I thought I heard Solomon say in my "interview" with him at the Nike Camp in Indianapolis. If you will recall from my write-up on this here site, I was trying to get a picture of the the 7-footer but couldn't get my camera to work properly. In order to keep Solomon from just standing there watching an idiot fiddle with his camera, I asked him where he was looking to play next year. He responded with several schools that I have since forgotten, but then singled out what I thought was "Florida State" though I wasn't sure because my attention was squarely focused on the camera and due to an accent (from him) that you will not find in Leslie County. However, the word that Solomon is, in fact, to attend F$U proves that I was correct in what I thought I heard. While this revelation should mean nothing to anyone but myself, I thought everyone would be pleased to know that my interviewing skills are slightly better than Chris Farley on "The Chris Farley Show". Here's wishing the best of luck to the Nigerian 7-footer that the Cats had early interest in, then backed off. Personally, I prefer my 7-footers to be European (see Woo and Mike Williams), but could have made an exception for Alabi because he was very nice and incredibly patient. Now he'll have to settle for riding around in Mercedes and wearing gold jewelry along with former 2007 UK recruit Julian Vaughn and 2006 recruit Uche Echefu. God Speed Solomon! (What? I just assume that they are all independently wealthy; it is in no way an allegation against Leonard Hamilton's program.)

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