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Matt Jonesover 9 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
walkons Sometimes I get restless this time of year and yearn for a chance to talk college basketball. My radio show gives me a chance to do that, but occasionally it isn't enough. That is why today I was excited to be a guest on a Duke (yes, Duke) podcast. The Walk-Ons Podcast is hosted by two Duke fans, one a writer for ((@tobaccordblues) and the other a witty journalist in North Carolina (@thedevilwolf). The two guys are very intelligent and engaging and we hit a number of topics: --- Why Kentucky is now the top program in the land --- Whether Duke has slipped --- My perception of Calipari pre and post coming to UK --- the time I had at CBS and why it ended --- Fighting with the mainstream media --- Is there any fanbase like the Big Blue Nation It is a good 30 minute chat, and worth a listen if you are so inclined. Click the link below to hear and say hello to two Duke fans that are actually quite likeable: The Walk-Ons Podcast

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