Some Friday notes

Some Friday notes

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freedom-hall-uk It's getting late, I'm on a mini vacation and my chances of getting a delicate embrace from my wife are plummeting by the blogging second, so let's make some quick work of this.  Some notes for you, my dear friends...  - As is the case when most teams play the conference leader on the road, Kentucky is favored by 7.5 points against South Carolina.  For those of you driving to the game, the over/under on how many times you'll feel like you're in the middle of Deliverance is significantly higher.  Don't stop the car.  Just hold it or use a Gatorade bottle. - If you're heading to the game, you can also look forward to the biggest collection of camo-clad fans on the planet.  The maroon-black-white color pallete doesn't really seem to be the most ideal gear for hunting or tracking down terrorists, but it does lend itself well to making sure no one eye balls your girl when you're sharing a foot-long at the Circle K.  You might think the love is a mystery, but I think it's pretty obvious. - Congratulations on an excellent debut from Not Jerry Tipton.  Most of you seemed to enjoy it and that makes me so happy, it almost makes up for my likely miss on a loving embrace tonight.  But, I'm equally pleased by those of you who had absolutely no idea what was going on and felt the need to tell us how horrible the site is now (a theme as true to the KSR roots as any).  Word of advice for you to hold close going forward:  if something not written by BTI makes you angry enough to punch a wall, it's over your head.  Just wait until 10 the next morning.  And for the last time, we know it's not "escape goat".  Thank you. - On a more positive and straight-forward note, you can vote for Coach Cal in the Infiniti Coaches' Charity Challenge, which, ironically has an end date in March.  The winning coach gets $10,000 donated to their charity by ESPN (it was the Ron Franklin sexual harassment attorney retainer fee, no longer needed).  Cal represents Samaritan's Feet.  - We'll do this like Daniel Tosh.  Put 20 seconds on the board.  Make as many jokes about this as you can.  Go.  - Finally, if you missed it this morning, Matt and Zach were on the radio again and talked about some things related to sports, Drew Franklin and the jorts guy with the gun.  Check it out below.   That's it for now.  Make sure you stop back by for goodness all day from a writer to be named later and a Live Blog at 5:30.  In the meantime, can someone please call Doc Brown?  We're getting season tickets to the Rays.  Terrible.  Just terrible.  Someone will see you in a few...

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