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gainesville Before I get going, I must take a second to say how tremendously heartbreaking the tragedy taking place in Haiti is to watch. The devastation there already looks to be immense and will only get worse in the days ahead. We rarely realize just how lucky we are and yesterday's event certainly put a highlight on that fact to me. My prayers are with the victims and their families. Some notes from last night: --- Cats have to learn to put teams away in the middle of games. Kentucky went up 15 twice in the second half and both times let the Gators back into the game. That simply cant continue to happen. While I love the fact that once the game was tied, Kentucky turned it on and took over the last five minutes, this will catch up to them soon. --- No matter what Calipari says, the we are 10-7 stuff is absurd. This team is good and will only get better. --- Eric Bledsoe showcased the star qualities he has not only for this year, but more importantly for the future. To go for 25 on the road in a hostile gotta love the kid. --- You know who made me the happiest last night? Darius Miller. I loved the fact that he was aggressive, played with confidence and hit BIG shots throughout the game. If he plays like that, Kentucky is almost impossible to beat. --- I love Vitale, but when he calls games, it sometimes makes my ears bleed. Last night he made the comment that he believed John Wall was "going to be a great player." Really? You think? --- Can Dan Werner stay at Florida forever? Please....I will grant him a 5th year without any debate. --- Someone get a good picture of the Alex Tyus hairline. Send it to me at [email protected] It is worthy of its own post. --- Billy Donovan really should leave Florida. 25% of that crowd were Kentucky fans and "Blue got in" at a crazy rate. He is a good enough coach that he should coach somewhere where they care. --- The Boogie spin move was NBA quality...that play will be on highlight reels on Draft night...wait and see. --- In the grand tradition of people trying to compare current players with former players, no person has ever made a worse comparison than one of the readers on the Live Blog last night. He said that Darnell Dodson reminded him of Randolph Morris. Could there be a worse comparison imaginable? --- Game tied, all the momentum with Florida...who got the ball and hit the shot to give UK a lead they would never relinquish? Patrick Patterson. I expect that to happen all year...wasnt his best game, but like with Wall...he brings it when it counts. --- Finally, my favorite part of last night might have once again been the celebration after the horn. The two most excited guys on the court (popping the "Kentucky" on their jerseys the whole time) were Wall and Cousins....two players who people simply write off as biding their time until the NBA. These guys both embrace Kentucky and love winning. It is great to watch. I was on Bomani Jones's new Sirius/XM Radio show this morning to talk about the Cats. It is a long segment and Bomani starts talking about "The Code" for the first bit....good stuff. Take a listen below: Bomani and I on Cats, Kiffin

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