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padgett We are back and ready to roll once again here at Kentucky Sports Radio. A great ten days was had by the crew and I want to thank everyone here that followed us. Over the course of the next week or so, I will do some posts about some "behind the scenes" stuff that took place, that would be of particular interest to UK fans, but for now, back to the UK world. Thanks to the writers here and CBS for making it happen and for giving me a true appreciation of how great the Big Blue Nation really is. Some notes: --- Congrats to Scott Padgett on his big win on The Bachelor last night. --- The story broke last night that Patrick Patterson will get honored at Senior Day, and be part of the ceremonies. While I have heard no official explanation as to why, I think it is a very solid decision. Patrick is going to graduate this year and will be going to the NBA Draft. While he hasnt used up all his college eligibility, he has graduated from college in three years, something other early departures had not done. I will like seeing him there with Harris, Stevenson and Krebs and think it will make Sunday one of the more emotional Senior Days in recent years. --- Speaking of Ramon Harris, Calipari says he will be playing more this week, after his performance against Tennessee. Calipari said he was disappointed in the play of Liggins and Dodson in the last week and Demarcus Cousins suggested that they should play Harris more. He liked the suggestion and said that beginning with the Georgia game, the Razor will see the floor more. --- The Cats are now #3 in both polls and the Syracuse region is their likely destination. What was almost certain (Villanova as the Cats' #2 seed) may change now that Purdue has lost Robbie Hummell. If they lose some more games, Nova might move up to the highest 2 seed, at which point the Cats could get Kansas State. Either way, Syracuse is where the Cats are headed minus a collapse, so upstate New York Cat fans, get ready. --- The four best teams in the SEC are in the SEC East. You better get ready though, because in the next two years or so, Georgia will join that group. I love the way Mark Fox coaches and he has this team playing as well as any in the conference in terms of reaching their abilities. I am not worried about Wednesday night as a potential loss (yet) but I think it will be a close game for certain. --- I am hearing that UK feels they will get a commitment from at least one player before the end of the NCAA Tournament. Now whether that will happen is something to ask the Rumbaughs of the world, but they are feeling more confident. I will note that confidence was there earlier and it didnt materialize, but I think some good news will be coming in the next month. We have a lot going on today as we get back to normal. In the meantime, listen to the podcast from the road as we talked UK and the trip. It is some fun for a Tuesday morning: [podcast]/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/Blacksburg.mp3[/podcast]

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