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With Matt at Media Day, Beisner being called into a meeting, and Drew following Jimmy Buffet on tour, I’ve been called in to pinch hit.  So, just some quick notes from Football Media Day while I try and figure out how to put my picture at the top of the site.

-Speaking of Quarterbacks, Hartline starts the season the same way he does every season, not quite seated at the number one spot.  Joker committed to giving Hartline the ‘first reps’ at practice, but said that it doesn’t mean he will be the starter.  Let the QB debate begin.  Again.

Randall Cobb will still get some touches from the Wildcat. This news is a bit bitter-sweet.  We all hoped that Cobb could be permanently moved to WR because one (or more) of the QB’s would have progressed enough to let him.  Still, Cobb is dangerous behind center, and it remains the easiest way to get our best player the ball.  And, you know, it’s better than committing to running the option with Newton on a last ditch effort to break the streak against Tennessee.  Just sayin’.

-Some names you will be missing this year… Mister Cobble, Tim Patterson, Jabari Johnson, Tim McAdoo, and Farrington Huguenin are kaput. At least, they aren’t on the roster this year.  Most were deemed ineligible, and I think Patterson is still waiting on an NCAA ruling, but as of now you won’t be seeing them suit up.  Matt should have more on their absences when he gets back.

-Some names you will become familiar with this year… Joker said that Avery Williamson and Joe Mansour are the two freshmen that will receive the most playing time. Avery played Outside Linebacker in high school, while Mansour is the punter/kicker that could make Ryan Tydlacka go Lones Seiber Emo on us, if he plays as well as expected.

-Joker said that Rich Brooks said that he is always looking at Joker’s ‘tweeter,’ which if he’s not careful could earn him a fifteen second time out.

More from Media Day as it comes our way.

Go Cats.

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