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midarew I am in the mountains and have a trial tomorrow, so time is short. Thus lets get to this rather quickly: --- The news of the day was the Coach of the Year award for Rich Brooks in the SEC from While it certainly isnt the most prestigious organization, as we have heard before, it is the thought that counts. Rich Brooks is vastly underappreciated for what he has done for this program. This team this year should have taken a step back from the last couple of years and it did not. The credit goes to Brooks and he is deserving of the honor. I do wish he had given the ball to Cobb at the end of the Tennessee and South Carolina games though. --- The 2000th win is coming and ESPN's decision to have Jamal Mashburn attend the game in Rupp and announce it as part of the ESPNU coverage, is great. Mash in Rupp is far overdo and it will add to what should be a special moment next Monday. --- If you havent noticed yet, Kentucky plays Long Beach State Wednesday at 1 pm. If that isnt the strangest start time for a UK game in history, then I dont know what is. --- The John Wall parade continued today as every outlet tries to get its take on the player. Today we had Scoop Jackson's piece on ESPN, Tony Bruno interviewing Calipari and the Mad Dog doing an hour on Wall and his impact on the game. I have never seen anything like the past two weeks of UK coverage and national Wall coverage. It may never be topped. --- The Golden Globe nominations were announced and nominated for Best Picture is The Hurt Locker. If you havent seen the movie, find a way to do it. I saw it this summer and it is an amazing movie about soliders who dismantle roadside bombs in Iraq. It is the best movie I have seen this year and more people should get a chance to view it. --- Ole Miss won a big game against UTEP tonight. They were down 12 with five minutes to go and came back and won. It was the second game for UTEP for Derrick Caracter, who is on his second school and 14th chance. Ole Miss is good, and when combined with UK, UT, Florida and Mississippi State, provides a very solid top tier in the conference. --- Prayers go out to Chris Henry. Awful situation that hopefully ends better than it looks. --- The more I hear, the more I think the Music City Bowl may be the last game for Derrick Locke. His situation makes it likely make sense for him to go to the Draft, and that is clearly what he wants to do. --- Speaking of the Music City Bowl, Clemson has sold under 4,000 tickets, while UK has sold over 16,000. The Sea of Blue will return this year. --- You should see the list of media coming for the Louisville game. I am sure in the past there have been more star-studded media affairs, but even with the ones I know so far, it is going to be a who's who of sports media folks. And Alan Cutler will be there it will be special. There will be more all day today, including a look at Austin Peay (the next UK opponent), the greatest UK moments from the past decade and some interesting stuff on the fallout from the NYC game. Stay tuned.....

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