Some Sunday Afternoon Notes

Matt Jonesover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
ea Couple of thoughts while prepaing for Talladega.... --- Joker Phillips said yesterday after the Spring Game that the Quarterback race has tightened up. Mike Hartline is still the leader, but had a Hartline-esque, part good and part bad day yesterday. He threw a touchdown and an INT and was a bit shaky. My co-host on the radio today, former Card QB coach Greg Brohm went to the game and said that from his perspective, it is hard to read on any of the Quarterbacks as the offensive line is so shaky. Still, he views Mossakowski as the most impressive and says that longterm, he would be the guy. In the short term though, it is likely Hartline. --- The crowd was very disappointing for the Spring game. UK estimated 9,000 but most believed it was less. The worry about weather didnt help, but in general the game didnt have a lot of buzz. Randall Cobb and Derrick Locke were not featured in the game and it was more of a chance to see the future and look at the QBs. Generally speaking, RB Donald Russell was the story and he has cemented himself as the guy to look forward to this fall. --- Disappointed to see that Micah Johnson didnt get drafted and as of now, hasnt signed a Free Agent deal. Micah has worked hard and I think he will make a spot in the league, but he is kind of in between positions for the NFL and I know this has to be a dissappointing day for him. Three Cats do get picked and two more sign FA deals, making it another successful day however for the Cats and the Draft...a tradition that hopefully will continue. --- No real recruiting news beyond the likelihood that Terrence Ross decides today and that decision will probably be Washington. He hinted on his Facebook that he could make that call today on his visit. As of now, Terrence Jones, the highly sought after PF that UK really wants and is Ross's friend, is scheduled to make his call on Friday. He could be the final piece for a huge class. --- One more time, the KFC Yum Center is just a terrible name. --- If you arent watching Kevin Durant and the Thunder, you need to. In addition to having a player that John Wall and Demarcus Cousins continue to tweet that looks like Daniel Orton (Russell Westbrook), they are a fun and exciting young team with a college atmosphere at their games. Contrast that with Kobe and it cant be more easy to have a rooting interest. The Lakers will still win the series, but it is fun to dream. --- Calipari tweeted out that Larry Brown gave him a program changing idea and he would announce it later after checking with some people. This could be big, or knowing Calipari's fondness for hyperbole, could be a new type of cheese for the nachos inside Rupp Arena. I guess we shall see. We will have more coming all day and the release of a podcast tonight. We taped two on Sunday and one was a bit...well, lets say different than the ones before. We taped it at 3 am and gave our true, unfiltered opinions on local media, other websites and Drew told a story about Kirk Herbstreit. We arent sure we can release it, but are considering putting it out there in some other form. The regular one is still good though and will be out later this evening.

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