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Notes to share off the natural high of seeing Jacksonville make my weekend a financial success..... (1) Tonight is a big night for the 2007 Kentucky recruiting class. The in-home visit for AJ Stewart is scheduled to take place and if Kentucky makes a press, the night could end with Stewart committing to play for the Wildcats. I think there is an above average chance that UK either receives a verbal tonight (that then will be announced publically) or receives private assurances that Stewart will be a Cat. If it DOES NOT happen, however dont fret. Unless something unforseen happens, Stewart will be a Wildcat at some point.....and if he doesnt, then that decision will be something from UK's end, not AJ's. Still tonight could be the first piece in a great puzzle for UK. (2) Lots of hand-wringing all around about ESPN's decision to carry Kentucky-Florida this weekend and the potential for an embarassing UK loss. Let me just say this.....I come from the school that any publicity is good publicity. I would hate to see UK rocked, but it is better to have loved tv and lost than to have never been loved on tv before. When Big Fat Quarterback was at UK, networks put us on because of him and even when we lost (which was often) that publicity led most of the country to know UK had a team. The game may very well not be close, but being on tv when most fans have a game on the background is good. And ESPN really didnt have much of a choice.....this is the worst week of college football I have ever seen. (3) I watched the debut of a show I looked forward to for some time tonight.....Studio 60 at Sunset Strip. In many ways, this is a can't miss program for me. Combine show modeled on the (occasionally) great Saturday Night Live, Aaron Sorkin who created the "West Wing" when it was good, Bradley Whitford who is great, Matthew Perry who was the only tolerable thing about "Friends" and Amanda Peet who I have always had a secret crush on and you have many of my favorite things. So how was it? Well the potential is there for it to be good. The dialogue is fairly strong, although it suffers from the "look how hip we are" disease that West Wing sometimes had. The story is interesting and the behind-the-scenes Hollywood stuff can work when done right (see Entourage). I wasnt thrilled with the pacing of the first episode, but it is just starting....when it hits it stride I think it will be one of the best non-HBO dramatic series on television (the Sopranos, Deadwood and the Wire are better than anything else going). (4) After being belittled on this very blog, the Pac 10 showed up this weekend, going 4-0 against the suddenly mediocre Big 12. While the Oregon win over Oklahoma was a farce (can you believe that Oregon DIDNT EVEN RECOVER that onside kick?), the wins by Washington St over Baylor, USC over Nebraska and Arizona St over Colorado did show the conference's strength. Add to that a win by Washington over Fresno St (on a blocked extra point) and you have quite a performance. Maybe the Pac 10 is for real.....nah. (5) Fear the Woo Look for Pick em results tomorrow and the new set of games to pick.....

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