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For those of you that remember ‘laugh-gate,’ during the Clyde years a while back, this video of Derek Anderson chewing out a reporter for questioning his jovial attitude on the bench probably rings true.  While the media and fans never got a chance to address the Cats that were laughing on the bench while we were crying from our couches, I can only imagine that their reactions would have been similar.

As far as it goes, though, I have no problem with team mates having fun on the bench – even if their team is losing.  You have to stay positive some how.  But I also have no problem with the press calling them on it, if they see fit.

In other news, Chris Low had this interesting tidbit in his SEC Blog today:

The only two other SEC teams (after Florida, LSU, and Georgia) who will be extending their bowl streaks to at least five years are Alabama and Kentucky. The Crimson Tide will be going for the seventh straight time and the Wildcats for the fifth straight time.

Good company to be in, I suppose.

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