Sorry ESPN, Lynn Bowden and Randall Cobb did NOT attend the same High School

Nick Roushover 1 year


Aritcle written by:Nick RoushNick Roush


Bopody's Nerfect, especially ESPN. You can't expect the four-letter network to get everything right over seven rounds and more than 15 hours of live NFL Draft coverage, especially under these circumstances. It's not too much to ask them to check their facts on an easy player comparison for a Top 100 prospect. Entering the NFL Draft countless analysts compared Lynn Bowden Jr. to Randall Cobb. The primary reason: they both were Kentucky wide receivers who dabbled at quarterback. Somehow, ESPN skimmed over one big reason why that comparison is made -- they both went to KENTUCKY. What makes the error even more laughable? It'd be one thing if they mistakenly wrote "high school" instead of "college." That was not he case. The graphics department clearly believed they both attended Warren Harding High School, when in fact, Cobb's stomping grounds in Alcoa, Tennessee are more 550 miles away from Bowden's hometown of Youngstown. Seriously, ESPN?

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