Sports Illustrated Loves Them Some Jorts

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Not since I made my way through Gainesville a couple years ago have I seen as much Jorts loving as we have witnessed the past few days.  But make no mistake, it is well deserved.  The Jorts machine has slowly been building all season, culminating into a monster game against Louisville, and doesn’t appear to be letting off any time soon.  Sports Illustrated has decided to get in on the love fest, naming Josh Harrellson one of the 10 players their team couldn’t do without.

Andy Glockner writes:

Josh Harrellson, F, Kentucky

He’s not allowed on Twitter (after criticizing coach John Calipari for not sufficiently praising his efforts in a preseason scrimmage) and his nickname is Jorts, but right now Harrellson is one of the major keys to talented-but-thin Kentucky’s Final Four aspirations. Unless Enes Kanter gets an NCAA reprieve and/or Calipari gains more faith in Eloy Vargas, Harrellson is it as far as legit size for the Wildcats. Already averaging almost 10 rebounds a game this season, he’s starting to become more of an overall threat, as witnessed by his 23-14 against rival Louisville and the 12-11 with six blocks in Monday’s win over Penn.

And he’s right you know.  As long as Kentucky stays Enes Free and Jones continues to struggle, the road to success has to go through Josh.  I mean, somebodie’s got to pick up the 4 missed shots a half, right?

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