Stacey Poole's not walking out that door

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 10 years


staceypoole Even though he hasn't had the freshman season he hoped for, Stacey Poole isn't going anywhere. Poole told The Florida Times-Union last night that he has no plans to transfer after this season, despite only playing 45 minutes.
“It hasn’t worked out like I planned. But when you have some adversity, you got to keep your head up. It’s difficult for me right now. I’m not going to lie about that. I’m happy for my teammates. I don’t hate on anybody. I’m happy for the next man when they do good. That’s how I was raised. I’m just enjoying it right now. I still got my head up, no confidence lost in my game. It is what it is right now.
And with that, the legend of Stacey Poole grows.

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