Stadium Frame’s Final Four Print Wants Afternoon Notes and Podcast

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The celebration is over but it can live on forever inside your home or office with this Final Four print from Stadium Frame. The 34x24 framed photo is matted with coins and features a shot of the Superdome court just after the final buzzer sounded to end Kentucky's magical 2011-12 season. Go to to purchase the print you see here, or pick out another print or variation of this one from Stadium Frame. At this point, isn't the Stadium Frame Final Four Print picture kind of comforting? --- The big news of the day was Rod Strickland's arrest for driving on a suspended license. Strickland was driving to the Craft Center for Calipari's ProCamp this morning and was pulled over for not using a turn signal. Once the police pulled up his record, they discovered he was driving on a suspended license from his September 2010 DUI arrest and took him in. In a statement released by UK, Strickland claimed his car was properly registered and that the license was current and in good standing, which was confirmed by WLEX, who looked up the court records and found out the license was reinstated in April 2011. A spokesman for the Lexington Police Department confirmed that the status of Rod Strickland's license had not been updated in court system, but that police followed procedure because records still showed his license as suspended. So, for those of you keeping score at home, the only thing that Strickland is guilty of is not using a turn signal. The horror! --- Calipari's ProCamp is in full swing, with some familiar names stopping by. Darius Miller, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, and Doron Lamb helped lead the camp on Thursday, coaching the kids and even playing a little pickup. The pictures coming out of the camp are pretty cute, with the guys cutting up with the campers and truly enjoying themselves. Miller, MKG, and Lamb spoke to the media, and each said they were having a ball hanging out with each other again and giving back to the program. UKAthletics has some nice video, which I suggest you check out. The guys got to watch the new crop of Cats practice as well. Ally Tucker will be by in a bit to share their thoughts. --- I posted a picture earlier of MKG and some adorable children. Little did I realize at the time, but the picture included two other celebrities: Dino Gaudio, the former Wake Forest Coach, and Referee Guy. Gaudio served as PA announcer for the camp, and Referee Guy, well, he reffed. From the front row of the student section to helping out with Cal's do I get that job? --- The first USA Today/Coaches poll for the 2012 Football season is out! As expected, LSU and Alabama are 1 & 2, with other SEC schools checking in at 6 (Georgia), 9 (South Carolina), 10 (Arkansas), 23 (Florida) and 25 (Auburn). Louisville received 46 votes, which I guess means they're 27th. Yeah, keep bragging about those "others receiving votes," Cards. I won't laugh at you, promise. --- Football media day is tomorrow, which marks the official start of Kentucky's fall camp. The freshmen reported today, with the rest of the team following suit tomorrow. The first practice is Saturday, and they'll strap on the pads for the first time on August 8th. Matt and Ryan will be LIVE from Media Day tomorrow on the radio show, and Matt will sit down for a thirty minute interview with Joker. He's asked for (serious) questions from you guys, so feel free to leave them in the comments section. --- Reminder: Anthony Davis and Team USA take on Nigeria at 5:15 ET on NBC Sports Network and Watch it. --- Matt and Ryan's third stop on the KSR State Tour of Affiliates was Olde Stone Country Club in Bowling Green today. Aside from getting to do the show from a very fancy room that smelled of rich mahogany and had many leather bound books, they enjoyed a visit with KSR legend Kige Ramsey. Enjoy:

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