Stadium Frame's Final Four Print Wants Afternoon Notes and Podcast

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The celebration is over but it can live on forever inside your home or office with this Final Four print from Stadium Frame. The 34x24 framed photo is matted with coins and features a shot of the Superdome court just after the final buzzer sounded to end Kentucky's magical 2011-12 season. Go to to purchase the print you see here, or pick out another print or variation of this one from Stadium Frame. --- After a pretty eventful day yesterday on the site, it has been pretty slow around these parts today. Even's Worldwide Wes report was boring. We didn't expect any groundbreaking developments from the CBS gang, but we did expect them to tell us something we didn't already know. But, at the end of the day, Uncle Wes is still just a man of mystery. --- Tomorrow's theme from the coaching series is, "Who is perceived to be the biggest cheater in the game?" Can't wait to read that one. (Sarcasm.) --- In basketball recruiting news, Daniel Poneman, a talent scout in Chicago, told Larry Vaught that UK is not in serious contention for Jabari Parker. Poneman said he feels very strongly that Kentucky is out of the mix and that Parker will eventually end up at Michigan State. His reasoning for thinking it's the Spartans is because Izzo has been around since Parker was young, while Calipari has shown other priorities in the class. Read more here. --- From @BBNcards... --- #Shoutout to Wayne County Judge Executive Greg Rankin for naming Aug 9, 2012 "KSR Day", and to Monticello Mayor Jeff Edwards for giving us the key to the city. We're honored to be a part of Kentucky's 43rd county! --- A KSR housekeeping note: Some of you have been getting a pop-up message from AVG, warning you of a virus when you try to visit our site. Don't worry, we've talked to the AVG people and everything is safe and sparkling clean, and has been since Sunday. The pop-up message should be going away soon if it hasn't already. You can even see for yourself at the AVG Threat Labs website. --- Matt and Ryan were at Conley Bottom in Monticello, KY this morning and Ryan told a story he wishes he had kept to himself. Have a listen and keep Ryan in your thoughts as he returns home to his wife...

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