Stoops on field rushing fine: "We didn't get our money's worth"
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Stoops on field rushing fine: "We didn't get our money's worth"

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 3 years


Yesterday, the SEC fined Kentucky $100,000 for fans rushing the field after the win over Mississippi State, which seems pretty ridiculous when you consider only a hundred or so students trickled onto the turf when the horn sounded. Mark Stoops agrees.

We feel like we didn’t get our money’s worth because only a few fans leaked out there,” Stoops said on Taz & The Moose on CBS Sports Radio. “We won by 21 points, so it wasn’t that dramatic. But those are good problems to have, I guess.”

As you can see in this video from UK superfan and former calendar entrepreneur John Spalding, it really wasn’t that dramatic:

The mood on the field was similarly tame:

This was the second time Kentucky fans have “stormed the field” in recent years, hence the $100,000 fine. Fans did a proper storm after the win over South Carolina in 2014. If it happens again, the program will have to fork over $250,000. Totally worth it when we beat Georgia, right?

Listen to Stoops’ appearance below:

[CBS Sports Radio]


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