Stoops "very encouraged" by Josh Paschal's progress
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Stoops "very encouraged" by Josh Paschal's progress

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 3 years


Could Josh Paschal return to the football field this season? Mark Stoops told reporters today the sophomore defensive end is making tremendous progress following surgery to remove a malignant melanoma from the bottom of his right foot.

“Josh is doing good. He’s doing very, very good. We’re very encouraged by Josh and his recovery and what he’s doing. Maybe I’ll have a nice smile on my face and a good update here in a couple of weeks. We’ll see. He’s getting better.”

After the surgery, Paschal underwent treatment and had to get around using a scooter before upgrading to a walking boot. Two weeks ago, he was able to get rid of the boot and walk around without aid. Now, Stoops says Paschal is running and doing bodyweight exercises.

“The procedure that was done to his foot is healing and that’s what he’s dealing with right now. But he’s doing some light running. He is progressing with some bodyweight stuff right now.”

When Stoops first announced Paschal’s diagnosis back in August, it was hard to imagine he’d be back on a football field this year; if he is healthy enough to go, he could play in four games without losing a year of eligibility. Even if he doesn’t see meaningful minutes, can you imagine the roar if he ran on the field during a bowl game or the SEC Championship?


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