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Players at Texas Tech are upset with the way Billy Gillispie treats them and some are threatening to leave the program if Gillispie remains the head coach. is reporting that the Texas Tech basketball team met with university athletic director Kirby Hocutt to discuss the players' concerns with Billy G. Among the list of complaints from the players were practice hours, the way they're being coached, and the relationship they have with Gillispie. One player told ESPN, "He's not the most personable person, not the coach you can go and talk to. He breaks you down. But he doesn't build you back up. It's hard to play for him when that happens every day. You feel like you're getting torn down and you can't get back up.'' He said there are a lot of "mind games" being played. Sounds pretty familiar, right? We've heard similar stories from the group of guys who played under Billy Gillispie at Kentucky. "Mind games" is exactly how some former players described his coaching methods, as well as "tough love." It appears he hasn't changed his style since leaving Lexington. Texas Tech has nine new scholarship players on the roster for the upcoming season, after six players transferred from the 2011-12 team. It's not looking good for Billy G's future if these reports of mutiny are true. [ Mutiny at Texas Tech?]

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