<em>Stranger Things</em>' Monday Morning Wakeup

<em>Stranger Things</em>' Monday Morning Wakeup

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This weekend, I did my best to "disconnect" from social media by tuning in to the show everyone on social media is talking about: Stranger Things. Netflix's original series has been all the rage since it premiered two weeks ago, and after just one episode, it was easy to see why. The show tells the story of a young boy who goes missing and how his friends' quest to find him uncovers some, well, strange things. The plot is great, but the star of the show is the overwhelming 80's nostalgia that runs throughout. From the cinematography to the music to the set design and costumes, the show feels like E.T., The Goonies, and Stephen King's entire collection rolled into one. In a time when studios are trying to capitalize on viewers' nostalgia with reboots, Netflix found a way to do it with something totally new, but achingly familiar. Hell, even the kids' bedsheets are a call back to my childhood. I'm only halfway through season one, but I'm very happy to hear season two is already in the works. Now, let's go through today's agenda so I can get back to it.

Jamal Murray, Alex Poythress and Tyler Ulis will talk to the media at 2 p.m.

Jamal, Alex, and Tyler are back in Lexington to help John Calipari with the UK Pro Camp, and at 2 p.m., will chat with the media about the changes in their lives the past few months. On Wednesday, Karl Towns will be in town for his Rookie of the Year Camp, so get ready for a little Karl in your life later this week.

So, Malik Monk can shoot

Monk helped Devin Booker with the John Calipari Shooting Camp on Saturday, and when he wasn't helping campers, showed off his own shooting touch: In case you couldn't make it through the whole video, Monk didn't miss.

Football camp starts Thursday

The long national nightmare known as the offseason finally comes to an unofficial end on Thursday when the players report for fall camp. The site will be overloaded with football news later this week, with Media Day on Friday and Fan Day on Saturday. For details on Fan Day, click here. On Friday night, I asked you guys to rank the schedule by difficulty. Here are the results: Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 7.34.34 AM Shoutout to the person who wrote in "ourselves" as toughest opponent. I may have laughed, but I sure hope you're wrong.

Team USA's final exhibition is tonight

DeMarcus Cousins and Team USA wrap up their training camp tour across America with an exhibition against Nigeria tonight at 8 p.m. at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. Through four exhibitions, Boogie's tied for second on the team in scoring and first in rebounding with 13.5 points and 10 rebounds per game. Tonight's exhibition will be on NBATV if you're looking for something to do with your Monday night.

A new OTT podcast drops later this afternoon

On Friday, I interviewed Nazr Mohammed about his upcoming charity fundraiser and his time in UK and the pros. After 18 seasons in the league, Nazr is preparing for life after basketball, which may include a turn in broadcasting. Thirty minutes on the phone with him tells me he'll be great at it, and you'll want to tune in to hear his advice for players coming in to the league, as well as some stories from his time in Lexington, including whether or not it's true that Rick Pitino used to make him run behind the team bus to lose weight.

Movie rec of the week: Captain Fantastic

My husband and I took a break from Stranger Things to go see Captain Fantastic at the renovated Belcourt Theater yesterday. Viggo Mortensen stars as a father who raises his family off the grid in the forests of the Pacific Northwest and the movie tells the story of how they adapt when forced to venture in to the real world to deal with a tragedy. It sounds serious, but it's actually pretty funny and a touching, welcome respite from all the crap in the world these days. Two thumbs up.

Congratulations to the South Lexington 8U Reds


Believe it or not, KSR sponsors a youth baseball team, and they sure made us proud this weekend. Yesterday, KSR's South Lexington 8U Reds won the Ohio Valley Regional Championship, beating Northern Cal Ripken 9-8 in 10 innings at Veterans Park. South Lexington was down 8-2 in the bottom of the 5th inning, but came back to tie the game with six runs, capped by a 2-out, 2-run HR by Owen Risalvato.

Well done, kids. Ice cream's on us. And by us, I mean Uncle Matt.

The KSR Summer Tour is back in the Bluegrass

Speaking of Uncle Matt, he and Ryan have returned from Philly and will be back on the road tomorrow for the Summer Tour. Today, they're in studio, so pull up your mat and get ready for story time.

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