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linksgolf -Many NBA mock drafts have Nerlens Noel going #1 overall to the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, some in Cleveland are against the idea as Noel is considered to be undersized for his position after his knee injury. (Cleveland's SB Nation site) dug up information on past players' heights and weights before they entered the league and found that Nerlens may not be so undersized after all. -Speaking of the NBA Draft, CBS Sports recently released their initial predictions for next month's selection meeting with Nerlens Noel as the unanimous #1 pick. Jeff Goodman and Matt Moore's complete mock drafts can be found here. -Packers Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers says Randall Cobb is "a star in the making," and Cobb himself thinks there's room for future growth. "I really don't think I've peaked yet. I'm 22 years old. I've got a lot of learning still to do." has great write-up on what Cobb's impact with the Packers can be going forward. -Enes Kanter may be sidelined until August according to the Salt Lake Tribune. This after an April shoulder surgery. According to doctors, his recovery is ahead of schedule, but there's no specific timetable for return. -Wesley Woodyard has made an impact on the field during his career as a Denver Bronco, but it's his impact off the field which truly resonates with the community. has the story.

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