Sunday Morning Links

Sunday Morning Links

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links Looks like a slow news day. Don't worry. We will get through this together. Here are some links to kick your day off:   -          Nine Wildcats from the Kentucky track and field squad earned spots in the NCAA Championships during the East Preliminary Championships Friday at North Florida’s Hodges Stadium. Kendra Harrison broke two facility records, while Dezerea Bryant broke two school records in the 100m and 200m.   -          Mark Long of the AP seems to think the SEC is on the rise with its new coaching hires over the last few years.  The SEC filled its four openings with three veterans and one ‘up-and-comer’. He credits this new ‘age’ of basketball as a project from commissioner Mike Silve. Read his entire article here.   -          The Orlando Sentinel did a piece on the Gators’ deteriorating facilities, breaking down the lack of money and effort the school seems to be putting into its athletic program. It really is sad to see what the Gators get in return for national championships. Even more interesting is the list the Sentinel put together comparing the money each SEC school has put in their given programs to make the facilities better.   -          It looks like Anthony Davis will soon have a new coach as the New Orleans Pelicans near a deal with Golden State Warriors associate head coach Alvin Gentry. The deal is for a reported four-year, $13.75M contract, including a $4M team option in the final season.   @Hessler_KSR

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