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conniebritton_600   It being Mother's Day, it seemed appropriate that I kick off the morning with a shout out to the best mother/wife/principal/cowboy boot-wearer in television history, Tami Taylor of Friday Night Lights. Really though, I'll take just about any opportunity to post a picture of Connie Britton. And you're welcome for that, by the way. Enjoy your day of flower-giving and doting on your Moms, KSR faithful. Tell them I said 'hey.'     -The road that led Drew Barker to UK was a long and winding one, and it began in 1996 while the Cats were playing San Jose in the first round of the NCAA tournament. Larry Vaught talks to the Barker family about the journey that ended with Friday's commitment.   -Here's a fun experiment: take a look at ESPN's top 20 SEC prospects for the 2014 draft, and then try to figure out how long before a Cat cracks that list. My money is on halfway through this season (Za'Darius being the safe bet), but I'm not the most patient of gamblers.   -In less glamorous SEC news, Mizzou head coach Frank Haith is having a difficult time removing himself from the cloud of scandal at Miami and CBS Sports has the latest on his troublesFeel free to forward it along to Clint Hurtt too, he might be interested in it.   -Mark Stoops is good at his job, you guys. So good, in fact, that with every big time assistant hire and 4-star commitment, it becomes harder to criticize the job he's done. Thus is the dilemma for cynical local sports writers. John Clay offers his two cents on what it's like to cover a coach who has yet to slip up.     Alright, that's it for now, but I'll be around all day. Don't be strangers.  

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