Sunday Night TV Recap

Sunday Night TV Recap

Abby Newcomover 6 years


Aritcle written by:Abby NewcomAbby Newcom
  Sunday night is probably my favorite night of TV. Gearing up for another week while winding down from the weekend- the only thing I want to do is be parked on the couch in front of TV dramas. Last night TV was buzzing about several shows and events all airing in the same time slot. In case you are like me and didn't even have enough DVR space to catch up, here are the Sunday night events that had viewers most engaged. mad-men-finale 1. Mad Men Series Finale Well it was a long time coming. They've been talking about this day for a year now, which is really typical Mad Men fashion- slow and drawn out. The 1960s that aired for 8 years on AMC delivered a finale that showed Don Draper finding- or at least trying to pursue- a life with more meaning, with last shots of Draper meditating at a California retreat, but as the scene went on the 1971 famous Coca-Cola ad plays in the background/his head, foreshadowing his ultimate career success to come. Always left to interpretation, you are left feeling Draper's struggle with identity led him to the retreat and then back to New York to create the most successful ad in not only his career, but ever. 2015-05-18T004620Z_01_LAS150_RTRIDSP_3_AWARDS-BILLBOARD 2. Billboard Music Awards It's Taylor Swift's world and we are all just living in it. Swift cleaned up once again taking home eight awards including Top Artist, premiered her new star-studded music video for "Bad Blood" and even showed some PDA with her newish boyfriend DJ Calvin Harris. Ludacris and adorable Chrissy Teigen hosted the show, with other highlights being One Direction including Zayn in their acceptance speeches, Britney Spears makes a comeback performing live with Iggy Azalea their new song "Pretty Girls," Meghan Trainor's duet with John Legend and Kanye West finished off the night with this bleep filled songs "All Day" and "Black Skinhead" from his recently re-titled album, Swish. Whew, I failed to mention several performers but if you heard anyone on the radio this year they were there and probably performed. bruce-jenner-transgender 3. About Bruce As a follow up to the Diane Sawyer interview and a prequel to his new reality show, the Kardashians produced part 1 of a two part special delving into how the Kardashian family is coming to terms and accepting Bruce Jenner's transition to female. While there were plenty of shocking moments revealed by ABC, there were still moments of surprise in how each girl learned about their father and has approached the situation. We learned that Kim has known about his cross-dressing for a decade after catching him dressed up in the garage and Kendall and Kylie had found make-up years ago and thought he was having an affair. We also learned that Bruce has already made the doctors appointment to fully transition to female, which involves consent from both medical and mental physicians after at least a year of living on hormones and as a women. We also learned Bruce has stolen Kim's outfits before.  Part 2 airs tonight and I'm sure it will dive into more of what Kris Jenner thinks as she wasn't included much in part 1.   So what did you watch last night? What is your favorite Sunday night TV show? Will you miss Mad Men? Tell me in the comments!  

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