Switch Up Your Game Day Routine - Tailgate UK's Home Cross Country Meet

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Waking up is hard to do, and no one knows this better than the die hard Kentucky tailgater. While some of the advantages of early football games tend to be overlooked (when else can you enjoy a donut with a beer?), that doesn’t change the fact that it takes a good deal of motivation to wake up at the crack of dawn and force yourself to take that first sip of your beverage of choice while the sun is still rising. Add in the fact that you’ll have to deal with a barrage of Louisville fans trying to kill your buzz with their chin straps and tramp stamps, and you’ll need to start extra early Saturday morning to make the most out of your game day. If you’re looking for a truly unique tailgating experience and extra motivation to start your day drinking, make a detour on your way to Commonwealth and stop by Masterson Station Park to cheer on your UK Men’s and Women’s Cross Country teams at their first home meet in over a decade. [caption id="attachment_140621" align="alignnone" width="200"]What better way to tailgate than by watching men in really short shorts? h/t KY Track and Field fb What better way to tailgate than by watching men in really short shorts?
h/t KY Track and Field fb[/caption] That’s right, you can sip your Kentucky Sunrise while cheering on the Cats to victory. This race will serve as a final tune up for the teams before they begin a stretch of big meets that include trips to Oklahoma, the annual Greater Louisville Classic, and the pre-National meet in Terre Haute, IN. Plenty of questions remain on the table for both teams. On the men’s side, can anyone step up and stick with number one Matt Hillenbrand? For the women, how will the runners outside the top 5 rebound after a disappointing showing two weeks ago at the Belmont Classic? Which newcomers on both teams will strengthen their case to be on the travelling teams for the rest of the season? How many drinks can you down in the span of a women’s 5k and men’s 8k? Masterson Station Park is less than 20 minutes from Commonwealth, meaning you’ll have plenty of time to find out the answers to these important questions and make it back for some “traditional” tailgating. [caption id="attachment_140622" align="alignnone" width="300"]h/t google maps h/t google maps[/caption]   The gun goes off for the men at 9:30am with the women’s race kicking off at 10:10am. Bleachers will be set up by the soccer fields, allowing spectators to see several miles of the races without running around and potentially spilling their drink. So grab your oversized Styrofoam cups, head over to Masterson Station, and give UK’s Cross Country teams the support they deserve. Then hop in the back seat as your designated driver takes you to Commonwealth with plenty of time to spare before kickoff. Follow me on twitter @BenduranceKSR

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