Taking a Stroll Down Memory Lane

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  It has been nearly 5 months since I had the greatest weekend of my life while attending the University of Kentucky. I don't like to be too caught up in the past, but after watching a replay of the Final Four game, and seeing the video above, I still feel like it was just yesterday. I still get that same feeling every time I watch the video of the celebration, and I always will. It's rare to find something that can stir the emotions like this video did for me. That feeling I had after the game came back. This feeling doesn't have a name, because there's nothing else like it. This post is dedicated to describing what all goes into the 8pril feeling, along with some pics to help along the way. 1. The perfect weather. Yes, I'm starting with weather, because honestly it made a difference. It felt like a summer day in the last week of March, which got everyone out of the house and into the street. 2. The painted sheets, EVERYWHERE. I'm sorry I don't have any good pics, but instead I'll give you some quotes. "F*** the Cards, Cats by 90." "We have 12 basketball players, and all of them will probably go pro in something other than...Nevermind." "Rock Chalk, Suck my *ock." "We will finish the Cards in less than 15 seconds (Syphor reference with art to go along with it)." "Hey Louisville, How does my ass taste?" 3. The t-shirt stands. People think couch burning is from Lexington (you're a million percent WRONG, West Virginia hillbilly's beat us to it a long time ago) but I truly believe that nowhere else in the world can t-shirt stands get put up so quickly, and find a way to spread out across town. 4. The games. As a Louisville native and aficionado of trash talking, the Final Four game was the biggest game of my life. Not a question about it. The only thing that could top it off, was an emotional National Championship game. Every game this year, including the Final Four, I could always talk myself down if the game got close. "We got this, we're better, they're just making a run." Not in the Final. I was a wreck. Only a picture can describe it, luckily I didn't know it was being taken. [caption id="attachment_5467" align="aligncenter" width="225"] My face is the emotionless one in the bottom right. Nothing could distract me from the television. (feel free to make fun of the ginger)[/caption] 5. The celebration. It was like we just won the war. The kiss I had with a lucky lady made me feel like I was the guy in the V-J Day in Times Square picture. Never had I been with such a large group of the happiest people in the world. 6. The tear gas. While National news thought things were "violently out of hand" everyone here enjoyed it. While I didn't want to get into the riot, everyone else I talked to absolutely loved it. They were bragging about being tear gassed, yes BRAGGING. Why would you brag? Well when else are you going to get tear gassed? 7. The hippie atmosphere. I must say, I've always enjoyed making fun of hipsters. It's too easy. After the first weekend of April 2012, I now understand that being a hippie might be one of the coolest things ever. At Woodstock, there were groups of people that would help those who were having bad trips on acid. The difference between then and now is people were under the influence pure unadulterated love for Kentucky basketball, and it was one hell of a drug. 8. The cops. Before the games had begun a few officers were putting up spotlights in a vacant lot. When I asked them why they were putting them up their response was, "So you guys can see while you're partying." They were cool, as long as you were, and they did not hesitate for photo ops. 9. The next day. I went to Speedway on Euclid the next day around 11 to get coffee and a Herald Leader (they were long gone), when I encountered somebody that let the night before get the best of them. He needed a pack of cigs and an energy drink. He had no shoes on, except his right foot was wrapped up from stepping on glass. The only evidence he had from a hospital visit was his wristband (a la The Hangover). He was too scared to look at his wound because it hurt so bad. He was still mildly intoxicated and walked out of Speedway in a hurry because he had a test in 45 minutes. This was like the many stories that I heard the next day that made me laugh to this day. 10. The memories. It was the best weekend of my life, and nobody can ever take that away from me.     - Until Number 9 @RoushKSR    

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