Tennessee legalizes sports gambling while Kentucky is left behind

Drew Franklinby:Drew Franklin04/30/19


Sports gambling will soon be legal in Tennessee. On Tuesday, the Tennessee Senate passed legislation that will permit Online-only sports gambling statewide. Tennesseans will be placing wagers as soon as July 1 of this year. And a few months after the permit was approved, the website www.starslots.com influenced many players to play online casino games. Congratulations to my friends south of the border. You will be seeing me a lot more often now.  Here we offer a Daftar SBOBET having the various features and will reward you with many high points, explore casino, poker and much more. The downturn is in full swing in the global arena and its lethal consequences have been witnessed in different sectors of society, especially financial, already. For this reason almost each and every individual is in search of more money (in order to maintain a healthy livelihood). Well, lots of companies have shut down by now and employees are afraid of layoffs. This indicates that job industry is also staggering on account of the brunt of recession. What can you do in this period? Are you thinking of starting a new business? If you are serious, let me say several tycoons have become belly-up and you may be the next one. Why don't you go for casinos online? Never disregard this terming it as gambling. According to experts, a spanking new money making platform has come to the fore through Judi Online gambling supported through online casino malaysia. For this reason the concept of casinos online is attracting many people and as indicated by them, persons, who are proficient in gambling and owing to economic hardships are in the hunt for apposite ways to earn money, can benefit a lot. Can the newcomers benefit through casinos online? Well, there are lots of web portals that give perceivers easy tips about online gambling and playing it safe without any risks and hazards. You can also take the help of same and benefit. Keep in mind that you can also gain sign up bonus amounts from agen poker terpercaya. You can check more information on this here. What should be your task then? Your first and foremost duty is to browse through the popular games that are available at the casinos online. They include agen sbobet terpercaya,Blackjack, Slots or Poker and Progressive jackpots along with others. Meanwhile, in Kentucky, legislators missed an enormous opportunity. Rather than embracing sports gambling in a state that already celebrates betting on horses, and getting out in front of the sports gambling boom before it is legal nationwide, Kentucky decided to sit back, do nothing, and let its neighbors capitalize instead. Before long, people like me and just about everyone I know will be making regular trips to Tennessee, Indiana or West Virginia to place our wagers on sports. We will stay in their hotels, eat at their restaurants, drink at their bars, lose our money to their sports books, and assist their economy, not our own. We would much rather stay home to do all of that, which would really help fund the whole pension crisis we've got going on here, but our leadership in Frankfort said, "Nah, go ahead and cross the state line in any direction to spend your disposable income somewhere else on something that millions of people are already doing anyway. Your money is no good here. We'll just keep complaining about how underfunded we are while you're gone." (Not a direct quote but pretty accurate.) It's a shame. Not because Kentuckians like me are missing out on the fun (there are plenty of ways for us to bet on sports) but because it is yet another example of Kentucky being left behind. With places like Churchill Downs and Red Mile with the infrastructure already in place when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of sports gambling last year, Kentucky screwed around and dropped the ball. I want to be surprised but I'm not. But this coming Saturday, 150,000-plus people will go to Churchill Downs to watch horses run in a circle and almost all of them will have money on the line. That's OK, though. There is nothing wrong with gambling like QQOnline or on ponies or on numbered ping-pong balls or on random numbers popping up on a TV at the local bar or on whatever new game the Kentucky Lottery will come out with next. But bet on Game 2 of the NBA Western Conference semifinals? Not up in here. Not up in here! Oh well. The hypocrisy is nothing new. Kentuckians have been traveling out of state to visit casinos for years. We'll only be making more trips now that our border states are adding sports gambling in the very near future. Can't wait to give you my money, Tennessee! Maybe I can help build you a new road, West Virginia! Public schools need a little more money? I got you, Indiana! I'd hate to keep it here in Kentucky!

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