Terrence Jones is a nominee for 2011 Dunk of the Year

Drew Franklinover 10 years


Aritcle written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


This year fans will determine the best dunk of the year in college basketball. The 2011 Dunk of the Year will be unveiled on ABC in the "Dunks of the Year" television special on April 2 and right now Terrence Jones' slam at South Carolina is a nominee.  This week Jones is up against Isaiah Thomas from Washington, Dwayne Latham from Indiana State, and Jason Adams of Missouri Southern. I think Jones has the best dunk of the four, and with the power of BBN against the other three schools, Jones should easily advance this week. To vote go to the Dunks of the Year Facebook page.  You'll have to "Like" it to watch the four nominees and vote.  We'll try to remind you whenever you need to go back and vote again so we can make sure Terrence wins this thing. Go Cats.

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